Correct, fault-free lighting

The objective of the Lighting Plan 4.0 is to ensure the provision of correct lighting; in other words, the right lighting at the right time in the right place so that energy savings can be maximised and the safety of network users can be ensured. By using a CMMS (Computerised Maintenance Management System), Lighting Plan 4.0 also guarantees fault-free lighting for users.

Right lighting thanks to dimming

By replacing SOX lighting with LEDs not only provide visual comfort, they also allow the intensity of the lights to be varied. It's dimming. This makes it possible to fine-tune the wattage of lights in accordance with requirements so that the correct lighting can be provided in the right location. The intensity of the light can therefore also be adapted according to how it is being used, meaning the light can be switched on at just the right moment.

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A fault-free lighting thanks to CMMS (Computerised Maintenance Management System)

The CMMS platform enables the following :

  • Inventory and geolocation of lights
  • Access to programming history and consumption history for lights

Potential faults and equipment are identified directly on the CMMS platform, thereby allowing any interventions required to resolve faults to be made rapidly. The LuWa maintenance team are on standby day and night to take action if there is a fault in order to ensure the safety of users on the Walloon motorway and road network.

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